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Top 3 Cardio Equipment Workouts To Shed Fat & Increase Your Energy

Top 3 Cardio Equipment Workouts To Shed Fat & Increase Your Energy

Are you that person that dreads the word, Cardio?


We totally get it and we have all been there. But...


What if we can help you shed that fat, increase your energy, and improve your overall health by doing only 20 minutes of cardio a day in the comfort of your home, 3 days a week?


Only 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week and you can change your life... what do you think?


The best cardio equipment routines that will increase your results and decrease the amount of time you need to be on the machine are High-Intensity Interval Training routines or HIIT routines. 


A HIIT routine is a system that takes a low to medium intensity workload and alternates it with high-intensity intervals. This is essentially a sprint workout at a short duration of all-out effort, followed by a recovery phase, and then back to a sprint.


This type of training has been proven to burn more fat than long, low-intensity routines.

A HIIT training routine will also increase muscle endurance and strength much faster, whereas traditional lower intensity cardio can actually cause the body to burn muscle for fuel. 


Wait... What??? Yes, it's crazy I know. 


If you want a good visual of how this type of training can impact your body type, think of an Olympic sprinter body type versus a marathon runner body type. 


The Olympic sprinter body will have significantly more muscle mass and definition, whereas a marathon runner tends to be very skinny and lower muscle mass.



So with that said, let's go over 3 HIIT routines that are all 20 minutes and can be done in the comfort of your home as many days a week as you want. 


1. Treadmill Hill Sprints


Keep raising the incline by 2% after every 2 minutes (4 sprints), until 20 seconds becomes difficult to complete. At that point switch the intervals to 10 seconds on/20 seconds off and maintain the same incline for as many sprints as possible.


  • Start by warming up with a 3-minute jog and then stretching
  • Set a treadmill to the highest possible speed you can run at, ideally 10mph 
  • After your first 20 second interval, carefully grab the side rails and step off for a 10-second rest while the treadmill continues to run
  • After completing 4 sprints, raise the incline by 2% for another 2-minute cycle
  • A good goal to strive for is each time you complete this workout try to end with either a greater number of total sprints or complete your sprints at a higher incline


For advanced athletes, it is recommended to start this workout at 2% or 4% rather than a flat treadmill.


2. Stairmaster HIIT Burner Workout

20 Minute Stairmaster Burner

  • 2 minutes easy "recovery"
  • 1-minute "Ladder" - increase speed every 10 seconds
  • 1 minute Max Effort
  • Repeat for 5 continuous rounds

This routine is basically 5 sets of a 4-minute block repeated back to back for 20 minutes total.

  • Start on an easy setting for 2 minutes of what becomes a recovery phase in the later rounds of the workout
  • At the start of the third minute, initiate a “ladder”, turning the speed up every 10 seconds until you begin the fourth minute
  • The fourth minute should be a max effort, ideally with the machine set at full speed
  • At the conclusion of the fourth minute, immediately bring the speed down to your “recovery” setting for the next two minutes

You will be amazed at how the first 2-minute slow speed block takes longer, but the later 2-minute recovery rounds seem to fly by.


3. Exercise Bike HIIT Workout

Basically you will need to complete 8 rounds of 20 seconds workouts at all-out speed. Then take 10 seconds rests in between. 


  • The resistance needs to be set as high as possible and you truly have to go “all-out”
  • Give 20 seconds of maximum effort then rest for 10 seconds
  • Repeat this sequence for 8 sets
  • Rest 3-5 minutes then repeat the entire workout as many times as you can up until you reach the 20-minute mark 


We hope you enjoyed this quick post on the best 20-minute cardio equipment routines to shed fat now. 


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