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Precor Elliptical AMT 835 OPen Stride

Precor Elliptical AMT 835 Open Stride
Precor Elliptical AMT 835 Open Stride
Precor Elliptical AMT 835 Open Stride
Precor Elliptical AMT 835 Open Stride

"...I love my elliptical...I got all the help I needed...It couldn't have been easier..."

Precor AMT 835 open stride: Features 

1. Open Stride:  Users can adapt their stride length from 0-36 inches and height from 6.8-10 inches providing an infinite range of stride paths to engage several muscle groups.  

2. Moving Handlebars:  Pushing and pulling the moving handlebars will engage the upper body, resulting in a total body workout so you can maximize your workouts. 

3. Stationary Heart Rate Monitor Grips: The stationary grip has a heart rate sensor built-in that provides monitoring and a stable, comfortable position when focusing on the lower body.

4. Ultimate All-In-One Cardio Equipment: Exercisers can go from short stride to long stride, walking to running, climbing to striding, allowing them to target different muscle groups. 

5.Five Pieces of Equipment in One: The AMT offers five unique ways to change exercise resistance to get the total-body workout you’re looking for—all without having to step off it.

6. Low Impact Natural Motion: The low impact, fluid movement contributes to observing a lower Rate of Exertion, making the workout more enjoyable with less impact on your knees and joints.

7. Self-Powered: With a long lasting internal battery you can enjoy your workouts anywhere in your home or facility. 

8. Bottle and Phone Platform: Hold larger water bottles and the latest phones or keys or smaller belongings under the console.

9. Dimensions: 80" Length x 35" Width x 69" Height 

10. Equipment Weight: 412 lb (max user weight 350 lb)

 "Burn more calories with the ultimate all-in-one cardio equipment"

"Reduce impact on your knees and joints with a low impact high calorie burning workout"

"Challenge your body with five pieces of equipment in one"

P30 Console Features

1. Console Type: Large LED Display

2. 1-20 Levels of Resistance: keep pushing your body to get stronger and target different muscle groups with higher levels of resistance.Features: benefits 

3. Stride Height: Levels 1-5

4. 6 Preset Programs: Manual, Interval, Variety, Performance, Heart Rate, Weight Loss

5. Electronic Readouts: Resistance Level Distance Strides / Min Calories / Min Calories Heart Rate Time Remaining Time Elapsed Time in Zone Segment Time Remaining Average Speed (strides per min) Calories / min Calories / hour Watts METS Target HR Average HR Stride Length % Complete Workout Summary Workout Profile

6. Console Language(s): Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish  

7. Muscle Monitor: Yes

8. Maximum Workout Time: Unlimited

9. Maximum Pause Time: 30 seconds

10. Quickstart: Yes

Precor Elliptical AMT 835 Open Stride Pricing Options

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Cleaned & serviced

On Sale Now

  • Professionally Repaired

  • 6-Months Parts and Labor Warranty

  • Free Shipping & Curbside Delivery

  • Fast Processing

  • Lifetime Support

  • 100 Day Returns (Minus Return Fee)

Elite Certified Refurbished


On Sale Now

  • Certified Refurbished

  • 36-Month Parts and Labor Warranty

  • Free Shipping & Curbside Delivery

  • Fast Processing

  • Lifetime Support

  • 100 Day Returns (Minus Return Fee)


On Sale Now

  • Certified Refurbished

  • 12-Month Parts and Labor Warranty

  • Free Shipping & Curbside Delivery

  • Fast Processing

  • Lifetime Support

  • 100 Day Returns (Minus Return Fee)

Frequently Asked Questions

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(877) 712-2334

What is Cleaned & Serviced VS. Certified Refurbished? 

Professionally Cleaned and Serviced: This equipment condition will deliver you a fully functional and operational piece of cardio equipment that is designed to last 10 plus years with in-home residential use. Our in-house technicians strip the equipment down and replace the major mechanical parts with 25% or more in wear or any broken non operational parts. We then remove the dust, rust, and stains with paint spot treatments. There could be very small signs of wear and signs of use with this equipment condition. 

Certified Refurbished: This equipment condition will deliver you a fully functional and operational piece of equipment that mirrors a new manufacture purchase designed to last 20 plus years with in-home residential use. Our in-house technicians strip the equipment down and replace any broken or non operational mechanical parts. We then complete a factory-grade paint match on the frame, most plastic and metal parts. Then add a a new overlay sticker on the console to mirror a brand new manufacture purchase.

Are these new models? 

No, the majority of our equipment is pre-owned and are purchased from only the best commercial gyms, hotel resorts, and schools. When these businesses upgrade their equipment or go out of business we purchase in bulk. 

What does the warranty cover?

All parts and labor are covered under the warranty period if the equipment is malfunctioning.

- Mechanical or electronic issues

- Parts replacement including structural moving parts such as bearings, pulleys, cables, motors, and batteries

- Covers wearable parts such as heart rate monitors, pedals, treadmill decks, running belts, and track wheels

- Software issues including error screen messages, program malfunctions, and console resets

If there seems to be an issue please contact our customer support department ASAP. We will set up an introductory phone or video call to review any issues. If we can not solve the issue and a technician needs to physically diagnose and or repair any issues, we will place the order and within 2-5 days we will have a technician contact you for an appointment. 

* If there are any cosmetic defects on arrival, please contact us within a week of delivery so we can fix the issue. If we are not notified within a week, it will not be covered.

What is Not Included?

Any issue caused by improper use or the user engaging in an activity which the operational manual specifically warns against doing or caused by the user disassembling/reassembling the machine. Cosmetic defects including but not limited to scratches, broken plastic, peeling stickers/logos/overlays, discoloration, unless defective on arrival. If cosmetics defects are present, they must be reported within 1 week of receipt of the machine.

What if something goes wrong with my equipment? 

Please contact us immediately and enjoy lifetime phone and video support from our in-house technicians. We will coordinate a time to speak with you over the phone or through video conference to troubleshoot your equipment for life! (must be original purchaser) Once we diagnose the issue we can send you any parts needed and coordinate a technician to come complete the repair. 

*Please be advised that if a repair is needed outside of the warranty period you will be responsible for all costs. 

How long does it take to process my order?

Our current processing times will be displayed on a banner at the top of our website. However, please feel free to call us to confirm our current processing times. Once your order is placed it will be added to our workflow. We will then start our systems check and repair process. Once your equipment is fully repaired and has passed all quality control tests we will palletize your order and get it ready to ship out or get it ready for local delivery. 

*Please note your order will be shipped fully assembled on a pallet with protective wrapping

How long does shipping take? 

Once your order is picked up from our warehouse in Riverside, CA it can take 1-2 days for the shipping company to process the order and load it onto a truck. Then it can take 4-5 days in transit to travel across the country if there are no delays. Once it arrives at your local terminal it can take another 1-2 days to process the order and get it ready for local curbside delivery. So, please plan on allowing 1-2 weeks from the day it ships to arrive in your home. 

What is curbside delivery? 

Curbside delivery is free included in your purchase. When your order arrives at your local terminal you will receive a call from the shipping company to schedule your curbside delivery date and time. Please expect a window normally ranging from 8-1 as an example for your delivery. You will be required to sign for the order so you will be able to select a date and time that works for you. Once the shipping company arrives, the driver will load the the order on a pallet jack machine and wheel it to your curbside. At that time you can request to have it wheeled into your garage if it is easily accessible.  

Do you offer in-home delivery? 

Yes, we do offer in-home delivery if you are within 120 miles of our warehouse located in Riverside, CA. If you are out of that radius or in another state we would then freight ship your order and curbside delivery will be included in your order. Now, we do have installers and technicians in most states that we can refer you to and you can hire them directly to save money. We would be happy to connect you guys and even help you get a quote before you make a purchase. Please call us to discuss your delivery and we will help you as best we can. Phone: 877-712-2334

What is the return policy? 

Full Refund Cancellation Policy:

To obtain a full 100% refund of your order you must cancel your order before your order has been shipped or delivered into your home if you are within our 120 mile local delivery radius. Your order will be considered to be “shipped” if it has been dropped off at the shipping company’s terminal or has been picked up by the shipping company. Your order will be considered delivered if our local delivery team has delivered your order into your home. 

You may cancel your order by calling 877-712-2334 and speaking to one of our representatives, or sending an email to, or directly contacting your sales representative. 

100 Day Return Policy:

Please understand that once your order has been “shipped” or delivered into your home you are no longer eligible for a 100% full refund. We understand that things can come up for example;

- change your mind

- do not like the model

- it does not fit in your desired location

- you are not using the machine anymore 

So, if you would like to cancel your order during the shipping process or in the first 100 days of it arriving at your home or facility you will have that right.

*Please note that you will be required to pay a $700 return shipping fee or a local pickup fee of $549 to exercise that right. That fee will be deducted from the refund we process once we have received your order back in our warehouse in a similar condition it was sent to you. 

In addition to the $700 return shipping fee, you will be responsible to place the equipment back on a pallet with protective wrapping so the shipping company can pick up the order.

Once you have the order ready for pickup, we will coordinate with the shipping company to schedule a delivery date. Again, once it arrives at our warehouse in a similar condition as it left we will refund your order minus the $700 return shipping fee.  

*Please Note: that once we ship your order it is in the hands of the shipping company. If they have any delays or issues with delivering your order on time you may still cancel your order during transit. However, as a friendly reminder, once it has been shipped you will no longer be eligible for a 100% full refund. We will make every attempt to satisfy your desired outcome and help manage the shipping process to prevent delays or errors. 

*Please Note: All additional delivery and installation fees are non refundable as they have been paid to third parties for their services. 

About Ace Fitness Equipment

Ace Fitness Equipment was founded in 2009 by certified technicians repairing equipment locally here in Southern California. Shortly after, we started selling commercial grade cardio equipment in the Riverside CA area. Then in 2014, we launched our online presence to sell equipment nationwide. Today, in 2020, we have 12 employees, 7 in-house technicians, three warehouses with over 20k square feet of warehouse space, a retail showroom in the Long Beach CA area, and are helping hundreds of customers reach their fitness goals each month. 

We truly value you as the customer and strive each day to provide you with elite customer service. We focus on outlining all your options and answering all your questions to ensure you feel confident with your decision. We answer your calls and respond to your emails in a timely manner before and after your purchase to provide you with the customer service you deserve. 

We look forward to answering your questions and providing you with elite customer service. Please give us a call if you need anything! 877-712-2334

With Ace Fitness Equipment you will save thousands of dollars, receive industry leading quality equipment, and elite customer service

Fully functional industry leading equipment quality

Standard warranties built into each order

Receive lifetime support 

Enjoy fast processing 

Local delivery included or free shipping nationwide

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