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Local Special - Precor AMT 835 w/ Open Stride + P30 Console: Commercial Grade

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Precor AMT 835 Features (Click the arrow for more info)

1. Open Stride: Users can adapt their stride length from 0-36 inches and height from 6.8-10 inches providing an infinite range of stride paths to engage several muscle groups.  

2. Moving Handlebars: Pushing and pulling the moving handlebars will engage the upper body, resulting in a total body workout so you can maximize your workouts. 

3. Stationary Heart Rate Monitor Grips: The stationary grip has a heart rate sensor built-in that provides monitoring and a stable, comfortable position when focusing on the lower body.

4. Ultimate All-In-One Cardio Equipment: Exercisers can go from short stride to long stride, walking to running, climbing to striding, allowing them to target different muscle groups. 

5.Five Pieces of Equipment in One: The AMT offers five unique ways to change exercise resistance to get the total-body workout you’re looking for—all without having to step off it.

6. Low Impact Natural Motion: The low impact, fluid movement contributes to observing a lower Rate of Exertion, making the workout more enjoyable with less impact on your knees and joints.

7. Self-Powered: With a long lasting internal battery you can enjoy your workouts anywhere in your home or facility. 

8. Bottle and Phone Platform: Hold larger water bottles and the latest phones or keys or smaller belongings under the console.

9. Dimensions: 80" Length x 35" Width x 69" Height 

10. Equipment Weight: 412 lb (max user weight 350 lb)

Console Display Features

1. Console Type: Large LED Display

2. 1-20 Levels of Resistance: keep pushing your body to get stronger and target different muscle groups with higher levels of resistance.Features: benefits 

3. Stride Height: Levels 1-5

4. 6 Preset Programs: Manual, Interval, Variety, Performance, Heart Rate, Weight Loss

5. Electronic Readouts: Resistance Level Distance Strides / Min Calories / Min Calories Heart Rate Time Remaining Time Elapsed Time in Zone Segment Time Remaining Average Speed (strides per min) Calories / min Calories / hour Watts METS Target HR Average HR Stride Length % Complete Workout Summary Workout Profile

6. Console Language(s): Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish  

7. Muscle Monitor: Yes

8. Maximum Workout Time: Unlimited

9. Maximum Pause Time: 30 seconds

10. Quickstart: Yes

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Included In Your Purchase

  • Serviced Like New Equipment

  • Fast Processing - Pick up In 10-14 Days

  • Parts & Labor Warranty

  • Lifetime Technician Phone Support

  • Pick Up - Warehouse In Riverside, CA

  • Local Delivery Available (Call To Confirm Cost)

  • Exclusive Parts & Maintenance Discounts

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Cleaned & Serviced

30-day parts & labor warranty



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Cleaned & Serviced

6-month parts & labor warranty



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Certified Refurbished

12-month parts & labor warranty



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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is certified refurbished?

- Replace any major mechanical or electronic parts that is failing, not working correctly. 

- All new wear parts, like belts and bushings on treadmills and ellipticals, no matter the wear percentage.

- We complete a factory-grade paint match on the metal frame parts and plastic parts to try and eliminate most signs of wear. 

- Then add a new overlay on the console screen to mirror a brand new console. 

- The warranty is also double the "Cleaned & Serviced" option.

*The factory-grade paint match is designed to eliminate as many signs of wear as we can. There could still be some small scuffs and sings of wear due to being a pre-owned piece of equipment.

What is cleaned & serviced?

- Replace any major mechanical or electronic parts that is failing, not working correctly. 

- On wear parts, like belts and bushings on treadmills and ellipticals, we will inspect the condition and if they have more than 25% wear, we will replace those parts with new parts

- Remove major rust and stains with spot treatments of paint to make the unit look great. 

*Being a pre-owned piece of equipment there will be more signs of wear with this equipment condition. Most noticeably on the pedals where people stand and grips where people hold. 

How long does it take to process my order?

Since we have different equipment conditions to select from we follow the "made to order" process and will not start refurbishing your unit until your order is placed. 

Generally, our target refurbishing time is around 10-14  days from your purchase date. Once completed, we will contact you to schedule pick up from our warehouse in Riverside, CA. 

Please bring straps and protective equipment if you plan on picking up your order from our warehouse. We do have a forklift and our team can help load the order into your truck or trailer. 

How long does local delivery take? 

Once your order is placed it normally takes us around 10-14 days to process and deliver your order depending on how many units you purchase. To offer you the lowest delivery costs we try and bulk deliveries in the same area. So, your delivery may be scheduled sooner or a few days after the normal 10-14 days.

Upon delivery, our in-house delivery team will set up and level each unit. We will also test everything to make sure each unit is fully functional before we leave. 

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Local Pick Up

Included in your purchase is local pick up from our warehouse in Riverside, CA

  • You will be able to jump on your unit to fully test the equipment condition.

  • Our team can help load your order into your truck or trailer.

  • We will follow up with a personal 1 on 1 call to  help out with any questions and to make sure you are 100% satisfied. 

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Do You Need Local Delivery & Installation? 

Call us today for a local delivery quote. We have a 150+ mile local delivery radius and will have no problem bringing your order into your gym facility.

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Do You Need Local Delivery & Installation?

Call us today for a local delivery quote. We have a 150+ mile local delivery radius and will have no problem bringing your order into your gym facility.

Call Us Today To Learn More - (877) 712-2334

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