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Extended Warranty: For Certified Refurbished Equipment Condition

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Extended Warranty Options

Do you hate unexpected expenses? 

If so, then our extended warranties might be for you. 

First off, we want you to feel confident that our certified refurbished equipment condition will deliver you a fully functional piece of equipment. It is designed to have a 20-year in-home residential lifespan. You have lifetime support with our in-house techs to troubleshoot any issues and you still have our standard 6-month warranty. 

However, we all know that unforeseen circumstances can come up. With an added extended warranty on top of your standard warranty you will add protection against any unexpected costs. 

Again, if it's comfortable in the budget and you truly hate unexpected expenses, then our extended warranty options are for you.

Please enjoy our discounted extended warranty options: 

+1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty: $199 

+2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty: $299

+3 Year Parts and Labor Warranty: $399


*As a reminder, these warranty options are on top of your standard warranty included in your order.