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Commercial Elliptical Equipment & Refurbished Ellipticals Machines

Elliptical machines were created to replicate the same movements you engage in while running. When you use quality, commercial elliptical equipment, you get the same benefits you do from running. The difference is that you avoid potentially damaging impacts on your knees and back.

We want to help you reach your fitness goals from the comfort of your home. That’s why we offer a wide variety of commercial elliptical machines.

Whether you live in Signal Hill or anywhere in the country, we want to be your one-stop source for quality commercial cardio equipment.

Is It Time to Build or Upgrade Your Home Gym?

If you are building or upgrading your home gym, chances are you want the following:

  • The same quality equipment you would use at a commercial gym
  • A cardio option that boosts stamina and burns calories
  • Gym equipment that is easy to use
  • A low risk of injury
  • Workout equipment that doesn’t take up too much space

Did you know that a quality, commercial-grade elliptical machine checks every box on this list? Ace Fitness Equipment offers customers a wide selection of refurbished ellipticals.

We are incredibly proud to offer Precor Ellipticals, the most popular brand of ellipticals, found at elite gyms across the country. No matter your budget, you can find the equipment you need on our website.

Get the Elliptical Machine That Is Perfect for your Home Gym

You want to get in fantastic shape but avoid the crowds and risks of commercial gyms. At the same time, you want access to the same equipment at a budget price.

Before you make your first purchase, please take a closer look at our refurbished ellipticals equipment. We are confident you won’t find better quality or more competitive pricing.

Commercial Elliptical Machines for Your Small Business

In recent years, customers have shown a clear preference for small, locally owned gyms over larger chains. That has given small gym owners a real chance to increase their customer base and grow their businesses. Still, it can be challenging to remain competitive.

What can you do to ensure that local fitness enthusiasts choose your facility? You already provide attentive service and a clean environment. Now, you just need equipment as good as or better than the chain down the street.

Partner with Us to Build a Great Gym for Your Customers

We can help furnish your gym with everything you need, including the best quality ellipticals in the industry.

You are invited to check out our equipment, including Preco, Cybex, and Life Fitness. We have helped gym owners in Signal Hill and across the United States. Don’t your clients deserve the best?

Refurbished Ellipticals Equipment for the Workout You Need

If you want to improve your workout outcomes and meet your fitness goals, this is the perfect time to add an elliptical to your home gym. Take a closer look at all of the amazing benefits of this machine:

  • Burn up to 400 calories in 30 minutes
  • Work both your upper and lower body
  • Target a variety of leg muscles
  • Get appropriate for injury recovery (Under doctor’s advice)
  • Easy-to-use system and technology
  • Improved heart health and lung capacity
  • Great for HIIT
  • Less stress for your joints
  • Better fat burning than other gym machines
  • Core muscles strengthening and improved balance
  • Programmatic features for a variety of workouts

Thanks to our unmatched service before the sale, you can confidently purchase your elliptical machine. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and help you select a machine that is perfect for your short- and long-term goals.

Refurbished Ellipticals Machines: Warranties and Guarantees

Some of our customers express concerns that refurbished gym equipment won’t work as well as new equipment or aren’t as durable as it should be. As a result, they are tempted to buy lower-quality, “new” systems. We can assure you that nothing could be further from the truth.

Ace Fitness Equipment uses a proprietary, industry-leading refurbishing process. Not only will you save a significant amount of money, but your elliptical can also last for up to ten years with only some basic maintenance.

During our refurbishing process, we strip down each machine for inspection. We test every mechanical and electrical component, then refurbish the equipment to be ready for use.

We want you to feel confident buying our equipment. If anything goes wrong, we offer a full parts and labor warranty.

This warranty covers all major electrical and mechanical components. Our repair staff is always on hand to conduct any repairs.

Finally, to ensure we only offer the best, commercial-grade equipment, we are very selective about the used ellipticals we purchase. Top gyms with established protocols for maintaining their ellipticals in excellent condition purchase our cardio equipment.

What Makes Ace Fitness Equipment The Best?

Ace Fitness Equipment in Signal Hill, CA, is proud to outpace the competition in every area. We can ship your order in as little as seven days, whereas the industry average for shipping orders is more than five weeks.

Also, we always back our warranties with fast response times and the service you need. Sadly, many of our competitors take long periods to respond or simply ghost customers after the sale. Our goal is to create customers for life, and we do that by offering top service both before and after you make a purchase.

Ace Fitness Equipment: Your Source for Commercial Grade Ellipticals

Are you ready to order your elliptical machine today? We’re excited to help. Simply select the machine you want, and review your options.

We offer three pricing tiers, cleaned and serviced, certified refurbished, and elite certified refurbished. You can review the features of each option, click “buy now,” and complete your purchase.

If you have questions or concerns, just let us know. Our team is here to answer all of your inquiries and offer advice. If you are in the Signal Hill area, you can visit our showroom. If you’re not nearby, don’t worry. We deliver nationwide.