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Stairmaster Machines

Refurbished Stairmaster Machines

Personal health and wellness are essential pursuits that often get pushed to the back burner due to work deadlines, family obligations, and the many demands that eat up an average day. However, it’s much easier to commit to a daily exercise regimen when you have workout equipment conveniently located at home.

At Ace Fitness Equipment, we believe in helping you pursue your personal fitness goals with refurbished, commercial-grade equipment that delivers outstanding function at far less cost than brand-new models.

Whether you’re a consumer looking for an easy way to exercise at home or you’re a gym facility in search of competitively-priced Precor Stairmaster machines, we offer the quality and elite service that ensure customer satisfaction.

With affordable financing and curbside or in-home delivery nationwide, you’ll find everything you’re looking for and more with Ace Fitness Equipment.

The Benefits of Used Stairmaster Ellipticals

There are few better all-around exercise machines than Stairmasters. Not only do they deliver a challenging cardio workout, but they can help with burning calories and losing weight, increasing muscle strength, decreasing joint stress, improving balance, and more.

Modern machines offer a variety of programs and settings, so you can find the options you prefer or mix them up to challenge your body and mind.

Our Comprehensive Equipment Conditioning Standards

You might be on the lookout for equipment that looks and performs like new at discounted pricing. Or perhaps you’re on a tight budget, and you don’t care so much about appearance. Maybe you want to ensure you have needed support through an extended warranty.

Whatever you hope to get from your experience, our goal is to meet your needs, starting with a range of equipment condition options.

Fully Cleaned and Serviced

Your main concern when purchasing refurbished exercise equipment should always be performance, and our professionally cleaned and serviced machines deliver with 10+ years of residential use, provided normal preventative maintenance is performed.

Our certified technicians thoroughly inspect all mechanical and electrical components and repair and replace them as needed to address malfunctions or failures. We also inspect high-wear parts like belts and bushings.

Any parts determined to exhibit more than 25% wear are replaced. Although minor wear may be visible on high-touch surfaces like grips and treads, any areas of rust or staining are repaired and spot-painted to maintain an attractive appearance.

Certified Refurbished

Our certified refurbished machines are intended to deliver 20+ years of performance with normal preventative maintenance, thanks to an industry-leading, seven-stage refurbishing process to restore like-new function and appearance. The certified refurbished used Stairmaster ellipticals we offer for sale are subjected to:

  1. Visual inspections
  2. Thorough testing of the function of the machine
  3. Disassembly to evaluate internal components
  4. Replacing damaged parts
  5. Repainting
  6. A final inspection for function

Each machine also comes with an industry-leading parts and labor warranty of 6, 12, or 36 months, depending on the package you choose. Don’t hesitate to ask about our “Plus” and “Elite” certified refurbished options.

Turn to Ace Fitness Equipment for Refurbished Stairmaster Elliptical Machines

When you want quality, refurbished exercise equipment at affordable pricing, paired with elite service and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Ace Fitness Equipment is ready to meet and exceed your expectations.

While some sellers take weeks to process orders, we pride ourselves on processing times of just seven to ten days. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find the perfect refurbished equipment for your fitness needs.