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Commercial Treadmill Equipment and Refurbished Treadmill Machines

Finding the motivation to exercise isn’t easy, even when you know adding a walk or jog to your daily routine will boost energy, improve mood, and help you sleep better. One of the easiest ways to overcome motivational challenges is to purchase quality, refurbished commercial treadmill equipment that gives you the gym experience in the comfort and convenience of home.

At Ace Fitness Equipment, we take pride in helping you reach your health and fitness goals by offering treadmill machines that have undergone an industry-leading refurbishing process. We deliver the quality you expect at surprisingly affordable rates, with outstanding service that’s second to none.

Exceptional Refurbished Treadmill Equipment

Whether you’re a consumer looking for commercial quality equipment or you’re a gym owner interested in saving money while expanding your inventory of machines, you’ll find the quality and competitive rates you crave when you choose Ace Fitness Equipment.

Our thorough refurbishing process addresses not only cosmetic damage but wear and tear, malfunctions, and failures, ensuring a machine that will deliver outstanding performance for years to come.

Accommodating Equipment Condition Options

When purchasing a new-to-you machine, you may be more concerned about performance than appearance. Or you might want a machine that looks and functions like brand-new.

Perhaps you’re concerned about ongoing service and warranty. We know that your needs and personal preferences are unique, which is why we offer a variety of equipment condition options for your consideration.

Professionally Cleaned and Serviced

Even our basic refurbishing option goes above and beyond what you might expect when purchasing a commercial treadmill. We start with conducting a thorough inspection to pinpoint issues like malfunction or failure.

These problems are corrected, and any high-wear parts (belts, bushings, etc.) that show wear over 25% are replaced, ensuring fully functional machinery that’s ready to perform.

Cosmetic concerns like wear may be present with this equipment condition package, but we will sand and spot-treat rust or other damaged areas with paint to restore appearance. When you choose a treadmill that has been professionally cleaned and serviced, you’ll enjoy 10+ years of residential use with routine preventative maintenance.

Certified Refurbished

Our certified refurbishing takes restoration to the next level with a seven-stage process, performed by certified technicians, that delivers residential use for up to 20+ years with normal preventative maintenance. This process includes:

  1. A comprehensive visual inspection to pinpoint damage, malfunction, or failure
  2. External testing of machine function
  3. Disassembly, inspection, and assessment of all internal components
  4. Refurbishing and replacing any damaged, malfunctioning, or failing parts
  5. Sanding and painting to spot-treat any damaged areas
  6. Reassembly
  7. Final inspection by a quality control manager to test for full functionality

Once this process is complete, all refurbished treadmill machines come with an industry-leading full part and labor warranty of 6, 12, or 36 months, depending on the package you choose.

Quality Commercial Treadmill Machines from Ace Fitness Equipment

Our top priority is providing high-quality, refurbished treadmill equipment at prices consumers can afford. Thanks to our industry-leading process, we can help you save money on a functional machine that delivers residential use for a minimum of ten years or more, with regular preventative maintenance.

Our elite services start before we ever make a sale and extend through your purchase to delivery and beyond. We respond quickly and deliver speedy processing times of just seven to ten days, much faster than the industry standard of five or more weeks.

Are you ready to kick off your fitness journey with a high-quality, refurbished treadmill? Contact the friendly and qualified team at Ace Fitness Equipment today to learn more.