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Certified Refurbished

certified refurbished

At Ace Fitness Equipment our certified technicians have completed manufacture certifications and training from the top brands such as Precor, StairMaster, FreeMotion, and Life Fitness. This is the reason we advertise our equipment as Certified Refurbished. 

Each certified tech must have a minimum of 2 years of experience and pass an Ace Fitness Equipment certification before actually working on any piece of equipment.

Our in-house techs are paid hourly, whereas most contracted techs are paid based on how many pieces of equipment they complete. By paying our in-house techs hourly this allows them to thoroughly focus on each stage of our 7 stage process to certify each piece of equipment and produce the top certified refurbished equipment in the industry.


7 Stage Refurbishing Process

 Stage 1 - Visual Inspection 

During the initial visual inspection we are looking for any major scratches, dings, or missing parts that are not up to the manufacture specifications. We look for any signs of potential malfunctions or issues that would prevent the equipment from working properly. 


Stage 2 - External Testing

During the external test we inspect all displays and all buttons. We then use the equipment at various speeds and functions to uncover any uncommon noises. 


Stage 3 - Internal Evaluation

Then in the internal evaluation stage we disassemble and inspect each part; motors, wires, and all components. 


Stage 4 - Refurbishing and Replacing

Once we have a more clear evaluation internally and externally we then replace all broken, malfunctioning, or failing mechanical and electronic parts as well as broken external parts. 


Stage 5 - Sand and Paint

With our "Basic" refurbished equipment condition we will sand down any major signs of rust and perform spot treatments with paint to make the unit look great. However, with our "Plus" and "Elite" equipment conditions we will sand and paint the entire piece of equipment to try and bring it to its original form and mirror a brand new purchase. The "Plus" and "Elite" equipment options will eliminate more signs of wear on each unit. 

Stage 6 - Reassembled

We then reassemble the entire piece of equipment and prepare for final inspections. 

Stage 7 - Final inspection for ACE Certification 

During final inspections we have our quality control manager run through a full test and inspection on each piece of equipment. We retest the functions at various speed levels. We retest all electronic components and inspect all console features to ensure each unit is fully functional before it leaves our warehouse. All of this is done on every piece of equipment to deliver the top certified refurbished equipment in the industry to you. 

With our ACE Certification we offer an industry leading 6, 12, and 36 month parts and labor warranty options on our certified refurbished equipment.


3 components of the Ace Certified Refurbished Certification

  1. The certified technicians doing the work
  2. The 7 stage refurbishing process
  3. Standard warranty backing up the Ace certification 

 Check out our standard warranty options today!