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Freemotion t10.7 Reflex Treadmill (Orangetheory Fitness): Commercial Grade

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Bring The OTF Freemotion Reflex Treadmill Home

HIIT the Treadmill on your Non OTF Days Or Double it up after a class

Bring the ultimate fitness experience home with the Freemotion T10.7 Reflex Treadmill from Orangetheory Fitness, now available at Ace Fitness Equipment. This exceptional treadmill boasts three key features that will elevate your workouts to extraordinary heights. With its innovative 1-step controls, integrated reflex deck technology, and the commercial-grade quality. Take charge of your fitness destiny and bring the Freemotion T10.7 Reflex Treadmill home, transforming your off-days into powerful and rewarding OTF training sessions.

Long Lasting Commercial Grade Quality

The Freemotion T10.7 Reflex Treadmill is a true testament to long-lasting commercial-grade quality, designed to revolutionize your workouts and deliver lasting performance. Built to withstand the most rigorous exercise routines, this powerhouse treadmill ensures a durable and reliable exercise companion that will stand the test of time. Its robust construction and high-quality materials mean less maintenance and fewer headaches, freeing up more time for you to focus on what truly matters – smashing your fitness goals.

Unparalleled in its simplicity, the Freemotion T10.7 forgoes unnecessary bells and whistles, prioritizing one thing above all else – delivering an exceptional workout that kicks your butt. This treadmill is a tank, providing a sturdy and stable platform that can handle even the most intense training sessions. 

Reflex Deck Technology

The Freemotion T10.7 Reflex Treadmill's integrated reflex deck technology delivers outstanding health benefits by minimizing impact on your knees and joints. Experience a smooth and comfortable exercise session, reduce the risk of injuries, and extend your workouts with ease. Prioritize your joint health and overall well-being with this exceptional treadmill, as you push towards your fitness goals confidently and without compromise.

1-Step Controls

With its innovative 1-step controls, the Freemotion T10.7 Reflex Treadmill brings a wealth of benefits specifically designed for HIIT enthusiasts. Seamlessly switch between varying intensities during High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts, empowering you to optimize your performance and push your limits to the max. 

Experience lightning-fast responses as you adjust the treadmill's speed and incline, ensuring you stay in sync with the dynamic demands of your HIIT routines. This unparalleled responsiveness allows you to maintain your momentum, boost calorie burn, and challenge yourself to new levels of fitness achievement. Unleash the true power of HIIT training with the Freemotion T10.7 Reflex Treadmill, and get ready to elevate your workouts like never before.

Precor AMT 835 w/ Open Stride Feature






Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 87" L by 34" W by 62" H

Weight: 571 Lbs.

User Weight Capacity: 400 Lbs.

Readouts: Speed, Time, Incline/Decline, Distance, Calorie, Pace

Speed Range: 0 - 12 mph

Elevation System: 0% -15% Incline

Motor: 5.0 hp Enduradrive AC Commercial Drive Moto

Drive System: Quiet Drive generator/brake system

Arms: Ergonomically correct with at-your-fingertips control

Belt running surface: 21.5 x 60 in 

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Our Refurbishing Process

Our made to order refurbishing process on each unit has three main steps


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Our Refurbishing Process

Our made to order refurbishing process has three main steps

  • We first strip each unit down and test all major mechanical, electronic, and ware parts.

  • Then we refurbish each unit based on your equipment condition selection. 

  • Once your unit has completed the refurbishing process we then  quality control each unit to ensure it's fully functional before it leaves our warehouse. 

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Nationwide Shipping with Curbside Delivery Available

Once your unit passes our quality control process we will palletize it for pick up

  • We will then send you all the tracking info to view shipping updates online. 

  • Our team will monitor your order on a daily basis and send you updates as it travels through the different terminals.

  • Then we will follow up with you after the delivery to review some basic cleaning tips and customer satisfaction.

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Do you Need In-home Delivery?

We can provide in-home delivery options nationwide in all states we ship to

Please call us today to confirm the process: (877) 546-0614

Do You Need In-home Delivery?

We can provide in-home delivery options nationwide in all states we ship to

Please call us today to confirm 

the process: (877) 712-2334

  • Save money by hiring our installers directly 

  • Pick a date and time that works around your schedule 

  • Each unit will be brought into your home, leveled, and set up for your review.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

You Will Love Our Service -  Call Us Today For Any Questions: (877) 712-2334

What is certified refurbished?

- Replace any major mechanical or electronic parts that is failing, not working correctly. 

- All new wear parts, like belts and bushings on treadmills and ellipticals, no matter the wear percentage.

- We complete a factory-grade paint match on the metal frame parts and plastic parts to try and eliminate most signs of wear. 

- Then add a new overlay on the console screen to mirror a brand new console. 

- The warranty is also double the "Cleaned & Serviced" option.

*The factory-grade paint match is designed to eliminate as many signs of wear as we can. There could still be some small scuffs and sings of wear due to being a pre-owned piece of equipment.

What is cleaned & serviced?

- Replace any major mechanical or electronic parts that is failing, not working correctly. 

- On wear parts, like belts and bushings on treadmills and ellipticals, we will inspect the condition and if they have more than 25% wear, we will replace those parts with new parts

- Remove major rust and stains with spot treatments of paint to make the unit look great. 

*Being a pre-owned piece of equipment there will be more signs of wear with this equipment condition. Most noticeably on the pedals where people stand and grips where people hold. 

How long does it take to process my order?

Since we have three different equipment conditions to select from we follow the "made to order" process and will not start refurbishing your unit until your order is placed. 

Generally, our target refurbishing time is around 7-10 days from your purchase date. However, please feel free to call us to confirm our current processing times. 

*Please note your order will be shipped fully assembled on a pallet with protective wrapping.

How long does shipping take? 

Once your order is picked up from our warehouse in Riverside, CA it can take 1-2 days for the shipping company to process the order and load it onto a truck. Then it can take 4-5 days in transit to travel across the country if there are no delays. 

Once it arrives at your local terminal it can take another 1-2 days to process the order and get it ready for local curbside delivery. 

*Please allow 1-2 weeks from the day it ships to arrive in your home. 

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