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Our Story

 Ace Fitness Equipment was founded in 2009 by a group of certified fitness equipment technicians. As private techs fixing equipment for many top commercial gyms they found that there was a demand for refurbished equipment. However, they saw that most online retailers were simply slapping new stickers on and cleaning the machines, then selling the equipment online. Only to find the customers getting upset when their machine broke down a few months later. 

As certified techs, that put their heart, soul, and pride into fixing and refurbishing equipment this was very disturbing. Having confidence in their ability to completely 100% refurbish the entire piece of equipment the correct way so the machine will perform like new, they knew they had a competitive advantage over other online retailers and could offer crazy second to none warranties and return policies.

So, in 2009 they started selling refurbished equipment to friends, family, and referrals. Then as the e-commerce industry started to boom they transitioned into being an online retailer and today have over 10 employees doing over $100,000 in sales each month.