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Life Fitness Exercise Bikes

Refurbished Life Fitness Exercise Bikes

When it comes to cardiopulmonary conditioning, high-impact exercises like running and CrossFit can deliver a lot of calorie-burning benefits. Unfortunately, this type of exercise can also wreak havoc on joints, tendons, and ligaments and increase the risk of injury.

If you’re looking for a low-impact alternative that still helps to raise your heart rate, burn calories, and build muscle, you’ll find that cycling is a great alternative.

With used Life Fitness exercise bikes from Ace Fitness Equipment, you’ll find refurbished, commercial-grade equipment at outstanding prices, providing the ideal opportunity to focus on personal health and wellness goals in the comfort of your own home.

The Benefits of Life Fitness Exercise Bikes/Machines

Whether you’re interested in an exercise bike with an ergonomic seat for comfort or you prefer a recumbent bike with a backrest for added support, you’ll find options to suit your needs and preferences with Ace Fitness Equipment.

Life Fitness machines offer the modern features you expect, with a variety of programs and settings that allow you to customize your exercise sessions and challenge yourself to reach personal goals.

Equipment Conditioning Options for Every Customer

There are several factors involved in purchasing exercise equipment. For some people, working with a set budget is a top priority. Others prize performance over cosmetics. Still others want the whole kit-and-caboodle, with like-new function and appearance, as well as a range of warranty options.

At Ace Fitness Equipment, we observe rigorous quality standards for refurbishing, ensuring mechanical and electrical function and equipment longevity. However, we understand that every customer has different needs.

Whether you’re a consumer looking for reliable and affordable in-home equipment or you’re a gym owner interested in expanding your equipment lineup, we have options to suit your particular priorities.

Our Equipment Is Professionally Cleaned and Serviced

Performance is a top concern throughout the refurbishing process, which is why every professionally cleaned and serviced machine is inspected by certified technicians. Mechanical and electrical issues are treated with repair or replacement, and any high-wear parts (belts, bushings, etc.) that show more than 25% wear are replaced.

While used machines may naturally show some minor wear on high-touch surfaces (grips, pedals, etc.), we spot treat issues like rust and staining to ensure an attractive appearance. Professionally cleaned and serviced used Life Fitness exercise bikes for sale deliver 10+ years of residential use with normal preventative maintenance.

Certified Refurbished

With 20+ years of in-home use (assuming normal preventative maintenance is performed), our certified refurbished option is the most popular among buyers. The industry-leading seven-stage process includes:

  1. A thorough visual inspection to pinpoint damage, malfunction, or failure points
  2. External testing of machine function
  3. Disassembly, inspection, and evaluation of all internal components
  4. Refurbishing and replacing any damaged, malfunctioning, or failing parts
  5. Sanding and painting to spot treat any damaged areas
  6. Reassembly
  7. Final inspection by a quality control manager to test for full functionality

Buyers can also enjoy a parts and labor warranty of 6, 12, or 36 months, depending on the package they choose. Want even more options? Ask about our “Elite” warranty upgrades.

Ace Fitness Equipment Offers Refurbished Life Fitness Exercise Bikes

Ace Fitness Equipment proudly offers quality equipment, competitive pricing, curbside or in-home delivery nationwide, and processing times of seven to ten days (as opposed to the industry standard of five or more weeks).

In other words, we go out of our way to deliver the elite level of service you expect and deserve. If you’re ready to find the perfect refurbished exercise bike for your needs, contact us today to learn more.