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Parts & Labor Warranty Explained

Ace's industry leading warranty covers the malfunctioning or failing of all major electronic and mechanical partsplus labor under your equipment condition's warranty period. Your warranty will NOT cover wear parts and will only be honored for the original purchaser. 

This is a warranty on failed parts plus the cost of labor only. Service on your unit or preventative maintenance is not included in your purchase. Any and all service, or preventative maintenance is an additional separate charge. 

Please note, that there may be a breaking in period on new belts or units that have gone through our process. So, you may hear a slight creak or noise, however, that does not mean you have a failed part and the noise should eventually go away. 

*Noises are not covered under this warranty unless it has been caused by a failed part. These are mechanical pieces of equipment and will produce some noise. The noise may be amplified in a residential environment in comparison to a more open gym environment. 

*The max warranty coverage duration on any touch screen console display is 12 months

*Any damage caused by a third party installing the unit or due to improper user usage, placement, and or extreme weather conditions will not be covered. 

Covered Part Examples

- major mechanical or electronic parts

- parts replacement including structural moving parts such as bearings, pulleys, cables, and motors

- heart rate monitors, pedals, and track wheels

- software issues including error screen messages, program malfunctions, and console resets

*These are some examples of covered parts

Shipping, Delivery, & Installation

*Please note: We would like to inform you that our warranty does not cover major damage to the equipment caused by the shipping company during transit or delivery. To ensure a satisfactory experience, we strongly advise you to carefully inspect all equipment before signing for it. If any damages are found, please contact us immediately and refuse the order. In such cases, we will gladly arrange for a replacement unit to be sent if the damage occurred during transit.

For our local customers, we kindly request that you inspect the equipment in the presence of the delivery team and address any concerns or issues with them on the same day of delivery.

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and we appreciate your cooperation in promptly reporting any shipping-related damages. 

Regarding third party installation: Please be aware that our warranty does not cover issues arising from hiring a third-party installer, even if they were referred by Ace Fitness Equipment. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure proper installation. We strongly advise inspecting the unit before installation and after to verify correct installation by the third-party installer.

Please note: Prior to making payment to the installers, please note the importance of thoroughly inspecting the unit to ensure its full functionality. By paying them, you are confirming the units' functionality. Your thorough inspection ensures your satisfaction with the installed equipment.

*Reminder: Ace Fitness Equipment will not be held liable for any damage caused by a third party installer. 

 If any concerns arise, please inform the installers so they can address the issues right away. 

Extreme Weather Conditions

*Please note:  Placing these units in personal homes or fitness facility gym environments exposed to extreme hot or cold weather conditions may result in improper performance and increased need for preventative maintenance. It is important to be aware that any parts failure caused by extreme weather conditions will not be covered under the warranty. For optimal performance and warranty coverage, please adhere to the recommended usage guidelines. For further assistance, please contact our customer support team.

Residential VS Commercial Warranty

*Please note: All advertised warranties on our website represent residential and commercial usage. 

However, we do NOT offer our 36-month warranty on commercial gym or fitness facility purchases. 

Equipment Conditions

Cleaned & Serviced: 6-months parts & labor

Certified Refurbished: 12-months parts & labor 

Elite - Certified Refurbished: 36-months parts & labor (for residential customers only)

NOT Covered Part Examples

- batteries 

- equipment hand grips

- belts found on but not limited to treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and stair climbers

- treadmill decks

- stair climber step rods and alternator brushes

*Each repair issue will be reviewed on a case by case basis and made right during the first 90 days for customer satisfaction

Our Standard Operating Procedure

If you encounter any issues, please contact us immediately. We will arrange an introductory phone call with our in-house technicians to troubleshoot the problem remotely. If further assistance is required, we will provide you with the contact information of a qualified technician for scheduling an appointment. 

Please note that certain issues, such as preventative maintenance service calls, do not require on-site technician visits. We are dedicated to resolving your concerns and ensuring optimal equipment performance.

Void Warranty

The warranty provided by Ace Fitness Equipment is exclusively available to the original purchaser and is strictly non-transferable. Resale or transfer of ownership of the unit automatically voids the warranty. Additionally, if the original purchaser's primary intention is to resell the unit for monetary gain, the warranty becomes invalid. 

To ensure smooth warranty service, in the event of a repair, we may send replacement parts directly to the customer. However, it is crucial to promptly return the original parts, as failure to do so may result in the warranty being voided until the replacement parts are either received or returned. These measures are in place to uphold the integrity of our warranty policy and maintain a high standard of service for our valued customers.

Lifetime Support

Enjoy lifetime support from our in-house technicians. We will coordinate a time to speak with you over the phone to troubleshoot your equipment for life! (must be original purchaser)

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