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Warranty and Lifetime Support

We are currently providing an industry leading parts and labor warranty on all of our pre-owned commercial equipment. We will also include FREE lifetime support to troubleshoot any issues and help with preventative maintenance. 

To confirm, all equipment is thoroughly inspected to be fully functional before it leaves our warehouse. Sometimes, due to transit or other uncontrollable factors, parts can fail or malfunction. This can happen even on brand new equipment straight from the manufacture. However, please rest assured that if you equipment arrives and something is not working correctly we will be there to make it right. Below we have listed what your warranty will cover and our process to address any issues. 

*Please note: Your warranty will NOT cover any major damage to your equipment caused by the shipping company during transit or any third party company you hire to install the equipment in your home or facility. Please make sure you thoroughly inspect all equipment before you sign for it and call us right away to confirm any damages. We can always send you another unit right away if it was damaged during transit. If you are within our local delivery radius, please inspect the equipment before the delivery team leaves and address any issues with them that same day. 


*Please note: All advertised warranties on our website represent residential usage. If you are purchasing equipment for your commercial gym your warranty length may be reduced to half of the coverage timeframe. 


Parts and Labor Warranty

All major electronic and mechanical parts plus labor are covered under the warranty period if it is malfunctioning or failing only. 

Covered parts and or issues:

  • major mechanical or electronic parts
  • parts replacement including structural moving parts such as bearings, pulleys, cables, and motors.
  • covers wearable parts such as heart rate monitors, pedals, treadmill decks, running belts, and track wheels
  • software issues including error screen messages, program malfunctions, and console resets

 NOT covered wearable parts: (Due to user usage, placement, and or extreme weather conditions)

  • batteries 
  • equipment hand grips
  • belts found on but not limited to treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and stair climbers

*Please note: These commercial units are meant to be placed in a commercial gym environment that is temperature controlled. If these units are placed in personal home environments that are exposed to extreme hot or cold weather conditions, they may not perform accordingly and may need preventative maintenance more often. 

*Please note: If a major mechanical or electronic part fails or malfunctions during your warranty period, we will ship out any parts needed and cover the labor of a technician to fix the issues.  

*Please note: We will not send a technician out if any issues fall under a preventative maintenance service call. Including but not limited to; dead batteries, belt noise, belt adjustments, dusty ramps, oil or lubricant needed, or leveling of the unit due to uneven floors or shifting in transit. 


Our Standard Operating Procedures: If there seems to be an issue please contact us ASAP. We will set up an introductory phone call to troubleshoot any issues. If we can not solve the issue and a technician needs to physically diagnose and or fix the problems, we will have a technician contact you for an appointment.

 *Please note: Any issue caused by improper use or caused by the user disassembling/reassembling the machine may not be covered. Cosmetic defects including but not limited to scratches, broken plastic, peeling stickers/logos/overlays, discoloration, will also not be covered. 

 *Please note: All warranties apply to the original purchaser from Ace Fitness Equipment only. 


Lifetime support

Enjoy lifetime support from our in-house technicians. We will coordinate a time to speak with you over the phone to troubleshoot your equipment for life! (must be original purchaser)