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Warranty, Lifetime Support, and Buy Back Program

We are currently providing an industry leading FREE 6 month parts and labor warranty on our certified refurbished condition and a 90-day parts and labor warranty on our professionally cleaned and serviced equipment condition. We will also include FREE lifetime phone and video call support to troubleshoot any issues. 


Parts and Labor Warranty

All parts and labor are covered under the warranty period if the equipment is malfunctioning.

  • mechanical or electronic issues
  • parts replacement including structural moving parts such as bearings, pulleys, cables, motors, and batteries
  • Covers wearable parts such as heart rate monitors, pedals, treadmill decks, running belts, and track wheels
  • software issues including error screen messages, program malfunctions, and console resets

If there seems to be an issue please contact our customer support department ASAP. We will set up an introductory phone or video call to review any issues. If we can not solve the issue and a technician needs to physically diagnose and or repair any issues, we will place the order and within 3-5 days we will have a technician contact you for an appointment. 

If there are any cosmetic defects on arrival, please contact us within a week of delivery so we can fix the issue. If we are not notified within a week, it will not be covered.


What is Not Included?

Any issue caused by improper use or the user engaging in an activity which the operational manual specifically warns against doing or caused by the user disassembling/reassembling the machine. Cosmetic defects including but not limited to scratches, broken plastic, peeling stickers/logos/overlays, discoloration, unless defective on arrival. If cosmetics defects are present, they must be reported within 1 week of receipt of the machine.

 * Extended 1 year, 2 year, and 3 year warranties are available for purchase

(must be original purchaser)


Lifetime phone and video support

Enjoy lifetime phone and video support from our in-house technicians. We will coordinate a time to speak with you over the phone or through video conference to troubleshoot your equipment for life! (must be original purchaser)


Buy Back Program

If for any reason you no longer wish to own your piece of equipment we will make you an offer to buy it back from you. Based on the market value your offer may be lower than what you originally purchased it for. We will also deduct the shipping charges from your offer but take care of everything for you from start to finish. (must be original purchaser)