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Return Policy

*Please Note: By making a purchase through Ace Fitness Equipment you agree to these below return and refund policies

Full Refund Cancellation Policy:

To obtain a full 100% refund of your order you must cancel your order before your order has been shipped or delivered into your home if you are within our 120 mile local delivery radius. Your order will be considered “shipped” if it has been dropped off at the shipping company’s terminal or has been picked up by the shipping company. Your order will be considered delivered if our local delivery team has delivered your order into your home. 

You may cancel your order by calling 877-712-2334 and speaking to one of our representatives, or sending an email to, or directly contacting your sales representative. 

 *This refund cancellation policy applies to refurbished equipment only as refunds on new equipment may vary depending on manufacture policies. 

30 Day Return Policy:

Please understand that once your order has been “shipped” or delivered you are no longer eligible for a 100% full refund. We understand that things can come up for example;

  • change your mind
  • do not like the model
  • it does not fit in your desired location
  • you are not using the machine anymore 

So, if you would like to cancel your order during the shipping process or in the first 30 days of it arriving at your home or facility you will have that right.

Please note that you will be required to pay a $999 return shipping fee or a local pickup fee of $649 to exercise that right. That fee will be deducted from the refund we process once we have received your order back in our warehouse in a similar condition it was sent to you. 

In addition to the $999 return shipping fee, you will be responsible to place the equipment back on a pallet with protective wrapping so the shipping company can pick up the order.

Once you have the order ready for pickup, we will coordinate with the shipping company to schedule a delivery date. Again, once it arrives at our warehouse in a similar condition as it left we will refund your order minus the $999 return shipping fee.  

*Please Note: that once we ship your order it is in the hands of the shipping company. If they have any delays or issues with delivering your order on time you may still cancel your order during transit. However, as a friendly reminder, once it has been shipped you will no longer be eligible for a 100% full refund. We will make every attempt to satisfy your desired outcome and help manage the shipping process to prevent delays or errors. 

*Please NoteAll additional delivery and installation fees are non refundable as they have been paid to third parties for their services. 

*This return policy applies to refurbished equipment only as returns on new equipment may vary depending on manufacture policies.